Apartments & Homes

Light & Airy

Use light colors on the walls and floor. Softer hues can make a cramped room feel bigger and brighter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright / graphic ornaments, picture frames or cushions


You can pack a lot into your living room, even a dining set, if you keep furnishings from weighing the space down.

Lucite dining chairs, an open-weave coffee table, and an unobstructed wall of windows keeps this room from feeling cramped.

Corners of Interest

Corners can be a great area to add shelves, a small table or a corner to chill with a big comfy cushion.

Storage Supreme

An easy way to keep a small room from becoming cluttered is to choose furniture with space to store objects, like a coffee table with a shelf below, a bench with bins underneath, and an ottoman with a removable top and empty space inside.

Vertical Stripes

On walls or drapes, they can make a low ceiling feel higher


Horizontal Stripes

On walls will make a room look larger

Mirror, mirror… on the wall

Using a mirror opposite a window will bounce light around the room, making the space feel airier open and bigger.

Big is best! Use mirrors with detail as this also creates a point of interest.

Fake Bigger Windows

Investing in quality  material to make curtains and installing curtain rods a just below the ceiling instead of right above the window frame will draw the eye upward and make windows seem taller. To visually expand a window‘s width, hang the rods a few inches past the sides of the panes.

Pull Furniture Away From the Walls

A few inches between the wall and the back of your couch, will make the living room look more open.

In this one bedroom home the geometric style has the emphasis to make the spaces look not too busy but providing the necessary furniture and storage spaces at the same time.

The colors are in the white – grey tonality to help the rooms to look more open. To make it vivid, the purple accent in some wall and ceiling parts, the kitchen furniture end the wall graphics.

The tiny bedroom has the most minimal look, containing only bed, wardrobe and the wallpaper. The kitchen has accents of purple for continuity.

Partitioning and  with vividly bright spaces adorned with colors and patterns can transform a boring space into a youthful, elegant loft. Occupying 58 square meters, this apartment displays functional spaces divided on two floors.

The first floor shelters  the main living spaces – kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, while the second floor is occupied by the bedroom.

The elongated structure of the apartment allowed the living spaces to be united by a stylish spiral staircase.

The living room is airy and bright with windows looking out onto the quiet neighborhood. The living room and kitchen are united, which contributes to an overall feeling of space.

A rustic brick wall acts as a “decorative” border between the two rooms and ensures a high level of originality.

The walls are painted in a white hue that provides a neutral base for decorating. Beautiful color contrasts are achieved by the gray sofa and flooring.

To the left of the hall and directly adjacent to the living room, an extremely convenient and comfortable sleeping space can be observed.

Two of the walls are painted in white, while the third is a beautifully patterned wallpaper in pleasant tones.

This special alcove is greatly appreciated in a crib of this type, giving the feeling of a  perfectly planned small apartment.